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Complex product/ service assessment
Marketing & Advertisement strategy
Assistance with your Business Plan
Logo, Brochures, Leaflets or Business Cards
Save up on expenses/ investment/ staff
Unique, independent and bespoke Website
Improve your Infrastructure
Static and animated banners
Minimise the risks in your processes
Design of magazines and other publications
Manage and complete a project
Print Design for Car Wrap, Billboard, Poster
Relocation of Offices/ Data Centres
Interior of your offices or reception designed
Damage Limitation
Art & Craft production and commission
IT- Recycling and many more
SEO & Social Media Management

We were formed as a union of people with unique organic skills applied to a synthetic -IT platform. The scope of services and products we provide is arranged around the needs of any size of business, approaching both - BUSINESS and MEDIA side of their working environment.

There is no pattern or a list of tasks you need to accomplish. Every business is unique and our flexible approach and experience can give you the right solution to any of your enquiries. We practice our knowledge acquired by building, testing, failing, repairing and repeating. What you might want to achieve is what we or our partners have accomplished. We offer incomparable tools and thoughts shaped over many active years. You don't have to make mistakes any more, as we have done them for you long time ago!

Equipped with our weapons you can calmly operate knowing, you have done everything necessary to succeed. For that we wish you all the best, because what is best for you is good for us..

Your DeMontfort team.

--Our latest clients
Essex Windows Ltd is fresh again!

The total refurb of Essex Windows website was very necessary because the last version was created 4 years ago and the trends in web design are constantly changing. The graphic CGI's in the headers have made the "made to measure" feel complete.

This project is now live and gets a great feedback from the company clientele. Feel free to view this newly published project here.
ab connectia, s.r.o. published.

We have just published a wonderful project created with company ab connectia, s.r.o., who are specialised in business management, project/program management and business improvement.

We have developed their website. Their requirement was a visually very creative, conservative but still interesting web presentation. It was a great challenge.
We wish the company a bright future!
MUSIL a partneři, s.r.o. goes live!

MUSIL a partneři, s.r.o is a client providing a wide selection of services in Finance & Insurance Sector, but also including Travel and Recruitment.

We have chosen nature element to represent building blocks, bridge across an issue, stepping stones or growth.

We wish MUSIL a partneři, s.r.o great success and good prosperous business!
Interviews and contributions

Lately we had a great deal of clients approaching us for a web production, complaining their website, which they edit through a web-based portal, does not cut the mustard. Many of them want to own their website and take it with them on a USB memory stick. Some want to use it for a presentation and edit html files in word and powerpoint. Many want to have unique graphics and do not like commercial purchased images. They come to us to have a freedom of choice and movement. They come to us for "Web in your Pocket".

I personally would recommend CMS mainly for frequently edited text content like schools, theatres, galleries or blog. You buy the possibility of editing your website yourself, with no code skills, using app's and plugins shared by thousands of clients, very similar to Facebook. You can create your profile by editing the content, filling the tables or choosing application from a template. It works well, its very simple, functional but not very personal and creative. You also cannot take your Facebook profile with you. You are depending on someone else's system renting their platform.

The modern web technology can turn very quickly to marketing slavery. You are told you don't have to wait for your web designer with updates because you can do them yourself. Have you tried taking an image and make it to an interactive animated web? Impossible in CMS.

Here It takes us 6 hours to develop your own platform, layout, applications, your customised graphics, your own scripts. We supply the blue print which you can edit/change should you choose someone else for your web design. You get all the Adobe files for your personal use. You can even observe the creation of the web live. No monthly charge for service you never see. One comparably low payment once for all. You think CMS gives you a freedom? Think again..

Rosana De Montfort
Media Director
Working in Industry Design since 1986

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